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Our pricing structure is highly competitive compared to traditional suppliers.

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Agnitio. Happy People, Great Work.

We focus on HR Projects and Services for medium-sized organisations.

“A new approach in delivering HR expertise”

“We focus on medium-sized organisations because we believe that we can add significant value to the business. Furthermore, our financial model is fully adapted to this market segment with pricing transparency as key differentiator.”

We did not require a full-time HR person but had a real need for some senior HR advise and support. Agnitio was an ideal solution for us.
Owner, Food industry company
Our competence management approach needed a complete overhaul. We were looking for a project based solution rather than a body shopping approach. Thanks to Agnitio this project was completed within budget and time.
General Manager, Logistics Industry
In IT, retention of talent is key. This required an in-depth rework of our recruitment and retention strategy. Agnitio was instrumental in getting this project on the road.
Business Unit Manager, IT Services company

Motivated employees are key to any successful business.

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